design as a Process

My designs have always evolved around the concept of the experience. How does it feel, look, work, and what is the message bound into the design?

Where does design stop being flat and become something tangible? Is design an artefact or a process? For me, design is a process that leads to an artefact. It relies on empathy with the user and needs a craftsman’s skill and sensitivity to the context.  

Inspiration comes from unexpected directions. I have continuously explored new areas to create sharper and more initiated designs. That’s why I like to work in cross-functional teams where different competencies can collaborate.

I stand for a user-centric approach that floats over discipline boundaries. It uses user research, clickable prototypes, physical models, and visualisations to make a production-ready design system, formulate a vision, build a product, design a space or facilitate an agile design process in an organisation.